Mes: agosto 2023

El caso Dolly, 27 años después

MEC. Gisela Aguilar Martinez. El nacimiento del primer mamífero clonado a partir de una célula adulta fue un hito en el campo de la biología, especialmente para la genética. El nacimiento de la oveja Dolly fue un fenómeno científico tan famoso como controvertido, tanto es así que sigue teniendo al mundo dividido entre la ética […]

Your brain doesn’t detect reality. It creates it. | Lisa Feldman Barrett

Our perception of reality is not an exact representation of the objective truth but rather a combination of sensory inputs and the brain’s interpretation of these signals. This interpretation is influenced by past experiences and is often predictive, with the brain creating categories of similar instances to anticipate future events. The brain’s categorization process extends […]

Michio Kaku: Quantum computing is the next revolution

Dr. Michio Kaku, the renowned theoretical physicist, walks through the evolutionary journey of quantum computing, from analog to digital to the quantum era. Quantum computers hold immense promise because of their ability to tap into parallel universes, which boosts their computational power exponentially. They could revolutionize agriculture, energy, and medicine, solving complex problems like creating […]

How AI is pushing medical robotics toward autonomy

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications in medical robots are bringing a new era to medicine. Advanced medical robots can perform diagnostic and surgical procedures, aid rehabilitation, and provide prosthetics to replace limbs. The combination of extraordinary advances in robotics, medicine, materials science, and computing could bring safer, more efficient, and more widely available patient care in […]

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