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• Koleken inakayali • Official Animation

Un nuevo género de Abelisaurido ha sido publicado por parte del proyecto «El fin de la era de los dinosaurios en Patagonia» que previamente había presentado a Titanomachya. – Este terópodo de la Provincia de Chubut, de la Patagonia Argentina fue encontrado en la misma región fosiliferas donde previamente fue encontrado Carnotaurus – El nombre […]

Do humans have souls? | Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder

Have you ever considered the possibility of transferring your consciousness into a computer? Sabine Hossenfelder, a German theoretical physicist, believes that this may one day be possible. According to Hossenfelder, the fundamental laws of physics as described in the standard model of particle physics can explain everything in the universe, including human consciousness. She suggests […]

Is consciousness an illusion? 5 experts explain

In the newest episode of Dispatches from The Well, we’re diving deep into the “hard problem of consciousness.” Here, Kmele combines the perspectives of five different scientists, philosophers, and spiritual leaders to approach one of humanity’s most pressing questions: what is consciousness? In the AI age, the question of consciousness is more prevalent than ever. […]

Brian Cox – Alien Life & The Zoo Hypothesis

🌌 Join world-renowned physicist Brian Cox as he delves into one of the universe’s greatest mysteries: Are we alone? This thought-provoking journey takes us through the staggering expanses of the cosmos, exploring the profound question of extraterrestrial life. 🌟 Dive into the depths of space with billions of galaxies, each a home to countless stars […]

The bees that can learn like humans

Scientists have long accepted the existence of animal culture, be that tool use in New Caledonian crows, or Japanese macaques washing sweet potatoes. One thing thought to distinguish human culture is our ability to do things too complex to work out alone — no one could have split the atom or travel into space without […]

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