Change your diet, extend your life | Dr. Morgan Levine

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Dr. Morgan Levine, author of «True Age,» explains how the impact of diet on aging and longevity is determined by three factors: quantity, quality, and timing of food intake.

First, caloric restriction, typically a 20% reduction in overall calorie intake, has been linked to increased lifespan in several animal models. However, the positive effects may stem from avoiding overeating rather than restriction per se. Second, a plant-based diet, with less animal products and refined sugars and more fruits, veggies, and whole foods, seems beneficial for aging and longevity. Third, fasting, or limiting eating to specific time windows, might mimic the benefits of caloric restriction by causing ‘hormesis’, mild stressors that boost resilience to aging-related changes.

The optimal diet is likely individual, influenced by factors like genetics and age, and should be monitored through measures of biological age and personal well-being. Future research into aging biomarkers could further our understanding of diet’s role in the aging process.

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