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Ariane 6 first liftoff

Europe’s new rocket Ariane 6 powered Europe into space taking with it a varied selection of experiments, satellites, payload deployers and reentry demonstrations that represent thousands across Europe, from students to industry and experienced space actors. This inaugural flight, designated VA262, is a demonstration flight to show the capabilities and prowess of Ariane 6 in […]

Oldest Cave Art Found in Sulawesi

A team of Griffith University archaeologists has shared in the discovery of what may be the world’s oldest known cave painting, dating back to at least 45,500 years ago. Uncovered in South Sulawesi during field research conducted with Indonesia’s leading archaeological research centre, Pusat Penelitian Arkeologi Nasional (ARKENAS), the cave painting consists of a figurative […]

Europe’s next big rocket in a nutshell

Ariane 6 is the newest rocket in a series that has, for five decades, been launching Europe towards the stars. Building on all the knowledge, expertise and technology developed over the years, Ariane 6 will be versatile, modular, and European. Guaranteeing Europe’s access to space for the next years, Ariane 6 in two versions, with […]

• Koleken inakayali • Official Animation

Un nuevo género de Abelisaurido ha sido publicado por parte del proyecto «El fin de la era de los dinosaurios en Patagonia» que previamente había presentado a Titanomachya. – Este terópodo de la Provincia de Chubut, de la Patagonia Argentina fue encontrado en la misma región fosiliferas donde previamente fue encontrado Carnotaurus – El nombre […]

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